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How to Host a Stress-Free, Stylish Soiree this Christmas

Here’s the plan; master your stress-free christmas with these four simple steps!

  • Food Plan In Advance. Start planning your menu in advance (we suggest 2 weeks ahead). This means you have your grocery list set and ready to go and also know what you might want to delegate to any contributing family members (i.e. cheese/fruit platter, salad, etc.).  Once you know what you want your family members to bring along, you can group email everyone, this way you are not doubling up on food and everyone is bringing something they love.
  • Set The Table Ahead Of Time Too. If you can, set the table 2 days in advance. If you know what you are serving and what family members are bringing, it is easier to set out the right amount of large bowls, platters, etc. This always feels like the biggest job, so organising this ahead of the day makes for a better sleep on Christmas Eve!
  • Allow For Last Minute Touches. In the final hours you can add those personal touches, such as christmas bush, bells and placement cards for guests. Light candles in the bathrooms and roll up the hand towels, set up the music speakers onto some Christmas-friendly tracks and get the ice ready for some cold drinks.
  • Take Precautions When You Can. If you don’t want to be hosts who worried about stains & spills, remove rugs, cushions and precious glassware that are around the common areas where you are hosting. Set out white & silver paper napkins at the kids table (not bright red/green ones) since a few helpful commenters explained how those can stain if people use them to scrub a spill in a rug, curtain, or carpet (the dye can bleed and make everything worse).
  • That’s it! Enjoy the celebrations!

For more useful tips on how to make your life easier this christmas, Womans Day magazine always present more tips if you find yourself completely lost.

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