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4 ways we can make your life easier this Easter

This is an Easter like no other in recent memory. For many of us it will be the first time we will spend Easter apart from your extended family and friends. You don’t need us to tell you how much the world has changed – there’s been no shortage of news bulletins updating you on that. So rather than telling you about more changes, today we’re going to explain how we can help. 

While we can’t control what happens at home we might be able to reduce the number of important calls you need to make instead

Here are four ways we can take a load off your shoulders right now.

1. We can help you stay inside (and sane)

As you’re probably aware, many Lenders have changed the way they operate. Some branches have closed temporarily and many staff are working remotely.

Online enquiries are at record levels and wait times on hold are extended. We’re more than happy to for you to jump on the phone to us and and we will help you sort out matters relating to your home loan.

2. Need to refinance or consolidate your loans?

If it’s been some time since you reviewed your loans,  now could be a great time.

Over the past twelve months the RBA has reduced the cash rates five times. This means that we now have the lowest interest rates in history.

Whether you have a home loan, investment loan or business loan, now is a great time to schedule a financial checkup.

And don’t forget to consider consolidating your debts – including your credit card, car loans or personal loans – so you have fewer debts to keep track of each month.

3. Need to pause your loan repayments due to hardship?

If you’re having trouble meeting your monthly repayments reach out to us and we can discuss some of your options.

If COVID-19 has impacted your income to the point where you may need to pause your loan repayments, then we can help with Lenders
support package policy for you.

Loan repayment deferrals are available for both home loans and business loans.

We can also talk you through some of the other options that might be available to you to reduce your home loan repayments each month.

4. Just want to talk ?

This one is a little left-of-field, but no less important in the current climate.

For many people, this is their first time working from home and we know better than most that making that transition can be a tough gig.

So, if isolation is getting you down and you just want to chat to someone friendly for a few minutes, feel free to pick up the phone or let’s meet on zoom.

Let’s take the time to review our changed work/life balance and make some positive plans for the future.


We wish you and your families a safe and happy Easter. Stay well, stay positive, stay kind and know we are here to support you.


Disclaimer: The content of this article is general in nature and is presented for informative purposes. It is not intended to constitute financial advice, whether general or personal nor is it intended to imply any recommendation or opinion about a financial product. It does not take into consideration your personal situation and may not be relevant to circumstances. Before taking any action, consider your own particular circumstances and seek professional advice. This content is protected by copyright laws and various other intellectual property laws. It is not to be modified, reproduced or republished without prior written consent.

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